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Updated 12/22/17

Welcome to Open Range Kennels!

Open Range Kennels is operated by Bob Barker of Inola, OK. Bob was introduced to bird dogs by one of his football coaches in high school when he was 15 years of age. Bob did not know that this was going to be one of his main passions in life. In his earlier years Bob had both Setters and Pointers as well as Brittanies. When he got into field trialing Bob narrowed it down to Setters and Pointers.

Bob started out with bird dogs quail hunting in southwest Missouri and southeast Kansas. Some of the most pleasurable times in his life were spent quail hunting over good dogs with good friends. When the quail populations started to decline, beginning in the late 90’s, Bob began to focus on field trialing.

Over the years Bob has achieved over 100 field trial placements with 13 of those being Championships. The Lord has blessed Bob with some good dogs in this journey of life. One of those that really put Open Range Kennels on the map was an English Setter named Barker’s Blue Jett, Jett won two Championships and five Runner Up Championships. What is remarkable is that five of those Championships were Walking Championships and two were All-Age Championships! Then his daughter Barker’s Blue Horizon (who is a product of the producing female Carpenter’s Misty Starr, owned by Larry Carpenter of Clarksburg MO) won three Championships, two of them Walking Championships and one of them an All-Age Championship. Not many dogs can do this. These two dogs had the brains to adapt and to find birds as well as do this in Oklahoma and Texas where the pointer typically dominates.

Bob then had a pointer named Richard’s Prairie Chief that won a walking stake Runner Up Championship in the spring and then that summer he was placed up in Canada at the Broomhill Amateur All-Age.

Open Range Kennels' emphasis is to breed a better Setter, but occasionally Bob will raise a litter of well-bred Pointers. He has to go through a lot of dogs to hopefully find that one that has the qualities that he wants to focus on, to try to put a Championship title on. The rest of the pups usually make very nice gun dogs. It really makes Bob feel good when he has a customer tell him that they were really satisfied with their dog and come back for another one. Check our dogs available page for pups of hunting prospects or field trial prospects for sale. 


Thanks for checking out the Open Range Kennels website and God Bless!


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